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In 2012, the Kootenay Lake Partnership, the West Kootenay Ecosociety and Living Lakes Canada formed the Friends of Kootenay Lake (FOKL). They are an inclusive, stewardship organization dedicated to sustaining a healthy Kootenay Lake for future generations. The lake’s authentic nature instills a sense of “place” for its residents. Salient values include sustaining ecosystem integrity, clean water, and natural fish and wildlife habitat, and promoting human well-being through sustainable livelihoods and preserving the lake’s culture and spiritual essence.

Every lakeside community member has a role to play in protecting the lake’s immense value. If you care about Kootenay Lake and want to preserve its natural values for generations to come, you can check out the FOKL website, look for events and actions taking place over the next few months, or you can contact us with specific questions about the program.

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