Compliance & Enforcement

Pertinent Regulations

The lake shoreline is a complex area ecologically and jurisdictionally. Multiple agencies have regulations for various components and activities in and around the water. We understand that this makes it difficult for proponents to seek the appropriate permits and approvals.

Here is a list of some of the most common legislation:

  • Federal Fisheries Act
  • Federal Species At Risk Act
  • Provincial Water Sustainability Act
  • Provincial Land Act
  • Provincial Fish Protection Act
  • Provincial Heritage Conservation Act

Proponent Information

Are you a homeowner, developer, machine operator or realtor? Are you working on or near the lakeshore? Avoid penalties by getting the proper permits and approvals.

FrontCounter BC is your one-stop-shop for provincial authorizations around water.

Or contact FrontCounter BC at 1-877-855-3222

Concerned about Waterfront Activity?

We all share the lake and have a responsibility to care for it. It is common for activity to take place which may adversely impact fish habitat or increase the risk of erosion to homes or infrastructure. If you are concerned about something contact a Natural Resource Officer

Or call 1-844-NRO-TIPS (676-8477)

Kootenay Lake Levels

FortisBC offers regularly updated information regarding the levels of Kootenay Lake.

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